Celebrating Black History Month

February is a month full of holidays. Why we decided to shove them all into the shortest month, I will never know. The upside is that February becomes full of fun learning activities...which is much needed during the long stretch between winter break and spring break. My district does not get Presidents' Day off (well, the kids do) so it is a long stretch.

This year I decided to create a fun project for Black History Month. Usually we do some things, but nothing like a cohesive project. However, the district is really pushing the students to read literary non-fiction and to spend time getting to know famous Americans through history, so I thought this was a great way to manage two goals at once. I wanted something more fun than a poster or a report, and (with some help from my husband) settled on a dodecahedron. Fun to say, easy to display...basically an awesome project that the kids always enjoy.

As a test run, my husband tried it out with his small group for reading. He left two tabs out for easy hole punching so they could be strung from the ceiling as a display. Here are the results! I think they look fabulous.

What do you do for Black History Month in your class?


Darlene Anne said...

Wonderful idea!I must include a dodecahedron for one of our 7th grade projects! Thank you for the terrific idea on an innovative teaching method!

Eclectic Educating said...

I agree with you about February being packed! It sure is a lot for such a little month! The dodecahedron is a great spin on the book report.

Eclectic Educating

Diane R said...

I will have to come back another time to dig deeper into your blog!

Thank you for volunteering to help with my giveaway! Could you send me your email so I can finalize details with you?

Fifth in the Middle

Teresa Gregorio said...

OMG! I absolutely adore this idea. Thank you for sharing. I will def. try something similar to this for my Women's History Unit.

juliea said...

We haven't delved into Black History month previously, (so many things going on in Feb for the preK set), but it's on my docket for projects to develop. I love your learning decor for the topic! Something a little off the expected always helps to get attention. Thanks for sharing the neat idea!

Brittany Wheaton said...

These look awesome!! I've never seen anything like this! I'm a TBTS newbie and found your blog from the TpT forums. Looks fantastic! :)


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