Happy Made It Monday!

So I promised sneak peeks of my blogger buddy present...Rachel, if you are reading this look away now or have your present partially ruined!!

I got a little crafty and made her a Pinterest inspired clipboard and dry erase message board combo. I had a blast cutting and attaching ribbon. It reminded me of my old high school cheer days when we would use ribbon and fabric strips to make hairband versions of this. The good old days...

The hardest part was getting the word "notes" right where I wanted it in a font I liked. Let's just say more than a few pieces of scrapbook paper died in the process...and I might be a bit of a perfectionist.

So without further ado...

Super cute and super easy! I have two more weeks before school starts, and I am thinking it might be time to make myself a few of these as well!! 

Those of you prepping to go back...what are you working on? 


Jane said...

I love the colors in your "Notes" board!

I've sacrificed quite a few pieces of scrapbook paper in my projects, too!

Rachel is lucky to get those goodies!

Learning in the Little Apple

Rachel said...

I promise I didn't look before I got my box of goodies! I absolutely love it!!! Unfortuanelty the glass broke on the frame in shipping, so I'll have to replace the frame. :( But it is so cute and can't wait to put it on my desk at school! Thanks!!!
A Tall Drink of Water

Mrs. D said...

BOO!! I am sorry the glass broke. I had it all wrapped up in the extra envelopes and wedged so nothing in that box was moving. I am bummed to hear that my packing skills were sub par.

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